Mentorship & Opportunities

For Kids of All Backgrounds

About Us

We strive to help kids have an outlet to maximize their potential that they didn’t know they had.

Who We Are

KidFit is a non-profit with big goals for changing our world one child at a time, one city at a time, one state at a time, and one nation at a time. Our mission is to provide mentorship and opportunities for kids of all backgrounds.

What We Do

We provide kids with opportunities to grow both socially and athletically. Through skilled training and great coaching kids are able to excel at the sport of their choosing as well as build relationships with each other.

Where We Are

KidFit partners with other organizations to bring camps and other opportunities to Lynchburg. Right now, KidFit does a lot of mentoring at the Jubilee Center. Long term, there should be a KidFit serving kids in every community.

What Services We Provide

Our goal is to give every child a chance to enhance their athletic abilities while in a wholesome environment. We offer the following activities:

  • Speed and Agility
  • Travel basketball
  • 10+ training classes
  • Camps
  • 7v7 football
  • Opportunities to serve

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What KidFit Has Done For Others

I want to help everybody, taking KidFit to the places where kids need mentorship and training, providing a spark of hope and blessings to communities that need it. One day we hope to be able to bless every community.

Carroll Moon


I love having the opportunity to help the kids in our community with their athletics while also showing them the love of Jesus. It’s amazing to see kids learn to persevere through their challenges and learning important messages.

Bryce Burnette

KidFit Coach

KidFit is a safe haven where kids in the community can feel comfortable and confident to be able to build on their athletic skills. Our facility is a faith based outlet for kids to be encouraged in constant growth and gains.

Shane Collins

KidFit Coach & Parent